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Support Fiscal Responsibility:  Nicholas and his family live within their means. Your government should too. Our children should not have to pay for the NDP’s increasing debt and deficit spending. We all understand that the services we receive cost money, but the NDP are bankrupting our province with uncontrolled spending. One priority to decrease spending is to renegotiate transfer payments.

Support the Rule of Law:  As a lawyer, Nicholas believes in the rule of law.  Further, everyone should be protected and treated with fairness and respect regardless of your faith, lifestyle, background, or any of the enumerated or analogous grounds under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Support Business:  As a business owner, Nicholas knows first-hand how NDP policies have made doing business harder in Alberta.  Nicholas will work on your behalf to balance the budget, reduce regulatory red-tape, ensure taxation is competitive and to bring back investment capital to our province.

Support Education:  As a parent in Calgary-Currie, Nicholas knows that this issue is critically important. Supporting rigorous and high standards for what students must achieve in each grade, STEAM education (STEM plus Arts), and transparent education funding are all important factors to ensure no children is left behind.  Also, we must work to eliminate socio-economic, gender and racial gaps.

Support Local Issues:  Nicholas lives in Calgary-Currie and he knows that various local issues need to be considered.  These may include a pending school closure in our riding, school bus access for our children, unemployment rates in our community, heating costs or supporting developers that create exceptional buildings.  We need to ensure our community has a competent voice in the legislature and that we take care of vulnerable constituents.

Support Alberta Energy:  Alberta has the highest ethical, environmental and human rights standards for resource development.  We must stand up and support our energy industry. 

Support Nicholas:  Nicholas has qualifications but most importantly he has already demonstrated through volunteering and fundraising in Calgary-Currie that he cares about making our community a better place to live, work, raise a family and make a positive difference. 

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