This is an important election:


Fiscal Responsibility: Nicholas and his family live within their means. Your government should too. Our children should not be forced to pay for the NDP’s increasing debt and deficit spending mistakes. We can restore fiscal prudence and move towards balanced budgets.

Community: All Albertans have equal rights, privileges and responsibilities. Everyone should be protected and treated with fairness and respect regardless of faith, lifestyle, background or any of the enumerated or analogous grounds under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Reignite Alberta’s Economy: Reduce regulatory red-tape, ensure taxation is competitive, cancel the carbon tax, support our resource sector, stand up to Trudeau for his lack of support for Albertans and bring investment capital back to our province.

Equalization: Billions of dollars are transferred out of Alberta every year, even during tough economic times. The NDP made no effort to stand up to Trudeau for a fair equalization formula. Alberta deserves a fair deal.

Education: Help students achieve excellence by providing a diverse, results-oriented range of core, extracurricular, post-secondary, skilled trades, and other educational opportunities. Along with teaching values like hard work and what it is to be Canadian, we can aim to eliminate socio-economic, gender and racial gaps.

Health: Albertans deserve universal access to quality health care. We can improve surgical wait times and enhance support to community and charitable groups who provide services to seniors.

Environmental Stewardship: Develop environmental policy and legislation that safeguards the quality of our land, air, and water for the health, use and enjoyment of Albertans, for generations to come.

"Through legislative action and legal review, we can cancel the carbon tax and renegotiate transfer payments. Smaller government and responsible spending bring the budget back in line. Rewriting the regulatory environment and supporting our natural resources attracts investment back to the energy industry, which is the heart of our economy.  We can incentivize R&D, innovation and renewable technology by pledging a percentage of royalties derived from resources that flow through newly built pipelines, which will do more to reach tide-water and new markets than the failed 'NDP social license' ever did." - Nicholas Milliken

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