How to vote:

The UCP nomination process in Calgary-Currie will be called any day now! Many other nomination votes have already taken place. To vote, your UCP membership must be up to date. The venue, date and time will be listed here immediately after the party announcement. 

For years Nicholas has already been volunteering in Calgary-Currie, fundraising for local charities and fighting for Calgary-Currie constituents in court, on his own time. His education in economics and law, plus his experience as a lawyer and a business owner have taught him integrity, budgets and the value of relationships and hard work. For you, whether it is the economy, jobs, safety, education, health taxes or effective legislation, Nicholas Milliken can take your voice to the legislature. The MLA platform will allow 38 year old Nicholas to do even more good work for our community. Just like you, Nicholas lives in Calgary-Currie. He attends Sacred Heart. We can move away from "politicians" who only show up every four years for your vote. Nomination day is coming soon! Vote, and make your voice heard. This website will be updated regularly as information on nomination day is released by the party. 

Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident can vote. You must be at least 14 years old and live in Calgary-Currie. On vote day, make sure you arrive with picture identification such as a driver's license, passport, PR card or Alberta ID card for youth.  Click on the Map tab above to see Calgary-Currie's geographic area.

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