What is Forward Conservative?

Forward Conservative encompasses two themes:  

  1. Fiscally Conservative Economic Policy; and
  2. Forward-Thinking and Forward-Looking Social Policy.

Economically, Alberta has everything it needs to be a global leader.  However, rising deficit spending and increasing debt levels are hurting Alberta's future. Alberta's government needs to be more responsible with the tax dollars we give them.  We can ensure taxation is competitive, reduce regulatory red-tape, support our industries – including energy – and bring investment capital back to our province.  Together, this means reduced government subsidization and increasing government revenue.

Socially, Alberta has everything it needs to be a forward-thinking and forward-looking leader. Alberta's diversity increases every day and in every way.  Looking to the future, and keeping everyone in mind, all Albertans should be protected and treated with fairness and respect regardless of anyone's faith, lifestyle, background, or any of the enumerated or analogous grounds under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.



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