Nicholas Milliken is running for the UCP Nomination in Calgary-Currie.

Nicholas is a husband, a father, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a fourth generation Albertan and a volunteer who lives in and serves this community already. Now Nicholas would like to serve as your MLA and he is asking for your support in the Calgary-Currie UCP Nomination process.  Please take a look around and find out how you can vote for Nicholas. 

Nicholas, along with his wife Christine and their son Eric, live in Calgary-Currie.  Nicholas believes that Calgary-Currie constituents deserve a positive, experienced, educated and hardworking voice in the Alberta legislature and he is asking for your support in becoming the UCP Nominee in Calgary-Currie and then your MLA.

Nicholas was a commercial litigator at an international law firm.  He also founded and runs a nation-wide recruitment company.  Prior to becoming a lawyer and an entrepreneur, Nick obtained a B.A. in Economics and a B.Com., with distinction, from the University of Alberta.  He also worked in equipment finance within the oil and gas industry. 

Nicholas has demonstrated his support for the constituents of Calgary-Currie. For years he has volunteered his time to the Richmond Knob Hill Community Association Development Committee.  He actively supports and fundraises for a local charity based in Calgary-Currie that helps at-risk and low-income youth integrate into the community through sport.  He defended fellow constituents in the court of law, on a pro-bono basis, when they needed help advocating for their rights.  He serves as a UCP Calgary-Currie board member.  More than any words, these actions showcase his willingness and commitment to serve this community.

Nicholas is proud to have family roots in Alberta that go back to the 1800's and an extended family that lives throughout the province.  As your MLA, and someone who lives in your constituency, he will be accountable to you and the rest of Calgary-Currie. His broad family roots will also ensure that he is kept aware of the concerns of Albertans everywhere.

In order to vote for Nicholas in the upcoming UCP nomination, you must have an up to date UCP membership.  If you do not have your membership yet, please click "Become a Member" above or send us a note through "Coffee with Nick" and our team will be in touch.  You can also get your membership through the UCP website at:

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